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What Is Organizational Data Strategy and Why Is It Important?

All non profits have data and it is a dynamic entity.

Does growing data equate to growing wisdom? Does data make you more knowledgeable or more confused?

Growing data can be utilized for greater wisdom in decision making. Data is like a wild horse that needs to be harnessed, so it can take you places.

For harnessing the power of data, one must first define a data strategy and then decide on policies on how to create, maintain and protect that data.

Selecting the right kind of system to manage data is one of the most crucial steps. It will either help you fly or chain you down.

There's an adage in cold climates: "there is no such thing as a bad weather. There's only bad clothing." I would like to present a twist on that: "There is no such thing as a bad CRM. There's only bad strategy." A sub-optimal strategy leads to a wrong choice, which in turn leads to a bad CRM experience.

Several factors related to your organization's short-term and long-term goals influence the decision of database selection.

- Organizational priorities dictate which database system is best suited for your purpose.

- Same priorities also dictate how to plan for manpower to set up and maintain the systems

- Setting up policies around data ensure that your data stays accurate, up to date and consistent.

- Same policies also ensure that data be visible to only those who need it.

- Identifying business processes and moving them to your database whenever possible, make operations with your data more efficient and insightful.

- Stitching together various other applications within your organization reduces manual labor in exchanging data, improves efficiency and eliminates human errors.

- Stitching together applications also provides a deeper insight into your donor's interest in your organization.

With an appropriate combination of strategy and policy, an organization can achieve greater efficiency and insights from the data.

Do you have an organizational Data or System strategy? Do you have any kind of data policies in your organization? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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