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Program Database Set Up

Are your program teams still juggling spreadsheets? Do your program managers manually intake the requisite information? Are program managers spending valuable time making sense of the data spread across multiple sheets? 

Do your funders ask for concrete outcome data but your program teams feel helpless without the tools?

How nice would it be if there was a CRM designed to track your vital data and also offer you insights?

While fundraising and development teams are quick to understand the importance of a donor CRM, often, Program teams still work with old-fashioned spreadsheets and files. This can impact their efficiency, insights, response time and also the crucial understanding regarding their program's impact measurement. Not to mention, their funders and grant makers often struggle to get an objective analysis of operations and impact.


At Top Cloud Consulting, we specialize in designing the data models for tracking program data and designing tools for vital information intake processes, to makes your program teams efficient and insightful. 

  • Each program is unique, and design our schema in keeping with the best practices,

  • We help set up tools for program-related operations, and migrate your existing systems to the new CRM,

  • We work with custom databases as well as platforms and will find the best fit for your operations today and tomorrow.

Questions? Contact us via email or phone.

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