Technology Assessment

Are you transitioning to the Cloud but still struggling with legacy processes and practices that are hard to change?

Are you interested in improving your use and adoption of CRM and data and thereby improve your ROI?

Are you taking up a development assessment, capacity assessment or campaign feasibility assessment? Are you about to embark upon a capital campaign?


Your organization's data is your asset, and you can turn it into a valuable ally. For this reason, conducting a database/CRM technology assessment goes hand in hand with planning for growth, or initiatives such as developing a new fund. We will  provide a complete technology and operational assessment for the entire organization, or a smaller unit within. During this process, we will work with your development/campaign consultants to complement their assessment with our technology portion, or work with our partners (as needed), to provide complete technology and operational assessment.


Our assessment uses our proven methodology and uncovers:


  • whether your database systems have adequate tools for operations,

  • whether your processes are sufficient to bring in all important data, and keep your data accurate and consistent at all times,

  • whether your surrounding technology products, such as marketing systems, are ready and properly set up to work with your central database,

  • whether the organization staff has sufficient proficiency in using data & technology to the organization's advantage. 

Our report identifies technology challenges related to tools, staff readiness & processes, and provides actionable recommendations to establish adequate processes, improve staff readiness and set up tools.


Using our assessment, our clients can maximize their technology ROI and achieve improved insights, decision support and efficiency.

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