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CRM & Data Strategy

Does your choice of database system support your organization's growth plans and goals? Are you sure that your current database system will serve you to the fullest extent in near term and long term future?

Is your organization utilizing all the features of your CRM system to the fullest? 

Exactly how can your organization utilize available technology to accomplish your mission?

Technology is at the core of all modern nonprofits. We recommend that creating a technology strategy should be one of the very first steps, alongside creating an organizational strategy. Your organization is unique, and you need a tailored technology strategy that ties your goals and vision to your tools and data. This underscores a need for a roadmap of how you can utilize technology to accomplish your mission.

A wrong choice of tools and databases can result in unnecessary distractions and unwanted expenses. Conversely, a right choice can feel like a partnership made for each other.


We will understand your vision & goals, budget and create a technology roadmap that allows you to make best use of technology to help you realize your goals.

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