Melanie Kimbel

Advancement Director, Marine Science Institute, CA. 

Medha is meticulous, responsive, compassionate and flexible. It was a joy to work with Medha.  


We engaged Medha and Top Cloud Consulting to migrate our very old and highly-customized database to the new Nonprofit Success Pack, and to provide training for us throughout each step.  Medha did a complete assessment of our situation and worked with us, in meticulous detail, to transition our data and processes successfully.  She created and oversaw multiple phases of testing so that we could be assured that our data and our reports were retained within the new platform.  


Medha also created a process to allow our Salesforce database to import critical data, tens of thousands of records, from another database with completely different information about our clients and donors.  Now our profiles of these important individuals and families contain complete histories of their engagement and participation with us, allowing customized stewardship and cultivation activities.


Medha created and documented the complex processes with clarity, while working with our staff whose technical experience ranged from simple data entry associates to database administrators, and whose user interfaces varied from program staff to fundraising staff.


Throughout the entire process, she made us feel confident that we would have the end product we envisioned.  And when the pandemic shut down the world, she gave us the gift of compassion and flexibility so that we could all tend to our emergencies and navigate our uncertainties. 

We recommend her to other organizations who have consulting needs for their Salesforce systems.

Christina Funk

President of the Board, Burlingame Library Foundation, CA 

Our experience in working with Medha and Top Cloud Consulting was top notch.  We initially hired Medha to help customize and implement Salesforce – and to build a real-time integration with our accounting system.


When we started working with Medha, our data was spread across various cloud platforms, and we were not fully utilizing our legacy CRM system.  We had a general sense of what we wanted to achieve in a new technology, but Medha assessed our systems, accurately identified our gaps and helped challenge our thinking to come up with improved businesses processes. She accurately documented our needs and helped to install a system for prospecting, cultivating and managing our donor relationships that was far superior than what we had before.

Medha has an easy-going working style and facilitated productive conversations across our executive group.  She is diligent, prompt and reliable - and, perhaps most importantly, she is candid and trustworthy.


We strongly recommend her consulting group and know that our business practices have fundamentally changed, for the better, because of her work.

Lyn Balistreri

Director of Development, Morrissey Compton Education Center, CA

Medha has consistently worked for ways to streamline both our data and processes. I have always felt that her primary goal has been to provide us with a system that will work well for us and positions our agency in the best possible direction towards success. Throughout our project, Medha has mitigated risks and kept us informed, and she has always been clear in her presentation of scope, timing, and expected costs. 

At Morrissey Compton, we initially hired Medha to assess our existing CRM and identify gaps and suggest improvements. We were using a Client Information System to track our clients, and when I joined as the Director of Development, I inherited the same system for fundraising purposes. Needless to say, fundraising using a CIS was fraught with challenges due to the lack of fundraising-specific tools. In addition, our original database was old and we had neglected to establish standards and procedures from the beginning, and all of that made the fund development difficult and problematic. 


Medha assessed the needs of both the program and fundraising teams, identified gaps and recommended a solution. She helped us migrate our data to a new CRM, and she also helped set up new organizational processes & practices and provided training to help us understand the best practices relative to using the CRM for programs and fundraising.

Our new set up has provided us with a great toolkit to identify prospects, cultivate & steward our donors. Overall, this has helped us increase the efficiency of fund development operations.


I look forward to continuing to work with her as we implement her recommendations as to how we might optimize our technology to improve both our efficiency and our business practices.

Sandy Noack

Gift Officer, Cancer Commons, CA 

Before incorporating CRM into our organization, we’d spent a lot of time manually processing vital donor and gift information. After listening carefully to us and understanding our unique needs, Medha developed tools that have enhanced our data base and most important, our major gifts program. Medha’s work has significantly increased the efficiency of our development operations, creating for our development team, much needed time to build relationships that further the mission of Cancer Commons.

Andy Sudol

Director of Development, Cancer Commons, CA

I highly recommend Medha for her knowledge of CRM systems and ability to listen to our needs and propose solutions that work. For example, she helped Cancer Commons use Salesforce more efficiently

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